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Since 1992, owner Jeremy Woods has had a passion for computers and helping people. He decided to put the two together and start his first business - Woodside Computers.  He started going to people's homes and helping them figure out how to do things on their computers.  Once he graduation high school, he decided to get into selling hardware.  When the business became more than a part time job, a decision had to be made.  Jeremy soon realized that he needed a proper business plan.  That is when he changed the company name to "Intelligent Computer Systems' to better explain that a computer is a combination of hardware, software and training. 

After many years of training and experience, ICS became more than just a hardware supplier, and was involved in creating solutions to people's challenges.  So the motto - "Total Computing Solutions" was added to their letterhead.  In combination with in-house sales people and technicians, we have working relationships with many others in similar industries to help them provide the solutions our customers require. 

A few years ago, ICS acquired a small local website hosting and development business, and was able to add web services to their extensive lineup.  With the advent of cloud-based software and services,  the quickly gained a considerable market share by being the first in the area to adopt the idea of working in the cloud.

Servicing just about every sector - residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, automotive, education, financial - and the list goes on.  And working with just about any type of technology, ICS can develop a solution just for you.  It is not just about selling a certain peice of hardware from a certain manufacturer, but finding the right thing for the situation.  That is why we carry similar products from different manufacturers, because each situation is different.

Stay tuned for our new projects that include 24/7 system monitoring and protection, as well as a new leasing program.